Get Strong. Get Lean. Be Happy.

Hi, I’m Kia


  • Help you get strong, lean, toned, and feeling happy with your body.

  • Show you how to workout effectively and efficiently so you can get in shape and enjoy life without having to spend hours in the gym.

  • Show you how to lose 20+ lbs in a way that doesn't require you to eliminate foods you love and leave you feeling deprived.

  • Hold you accountable to your goal and help get you past plateaus so you can see the measurements go down consistently rather than rebounding like most people do after a diet.


I lost 30 pounds working with Kia. I actually had to get rid of a few suits that are huge on me now and some of the old clothes I kept are fitting again. ⁣

Kia provides constant feedback and a very personalized approach. You can tell Kia is very invested in getting the desired results for all his clients.

I would recommend him to anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals.”
— Kevin S.
Working with Kia I lost 10 lbs in 12 weeks.

I get a lot of compliments about how I look now, and I see it too. It feels great to work hard and get the results you want. I made more progress in three months than I have in years - and I owe it all to Kia’s guidance.

You need to work with Kia!
If you’ve thought about getting a coach, do it without hesitation. I promise it’ll be the best investment you make.
— Marco D.
I’ve lost 30 pounds training with Kia.

Before training with Kia, I was struggling with weight gain after my second pregnancy. I didn’t feel strong or in shape.

I’ve gained strength and confidence. I’ve learned how to train with proper form to be pain-free and how to focus on the right foods to maintain my fat loss and a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Kia knows his stuff in and out and he consistently tries to improve and educate himself.”
— Sonia M.
Kia is one of the best trainers I have ever had. He listened to what I wanted and tailored workouts to suit my needs. I recommend him with the highest praise and satisfaction
— Sendhil Ramamurthy - Actor; NBC's Reverie, Heroes, and Covert Affairs.
Kia is a consummate professional who brought his A-Game to every single session. Not only did he help me get closer to reaching my fitness goals, but he also helped me overcome my aversion to training and the tendency to procrastinate. Growth is just another word for change, and if you are serious about breaking through your own mediocrity, then Kia is the coach you want in your corner
— Fred Light - Founder and Producer of BodyRock.Tv
Before working with Kia, I was stuck and could not lose weight. I had tried every class and diet under the sun.

Working with Kia, I was able to reach my dream weight. I’m feeling strong, confident. and getting toned. The best thing was I didn’t have to give up on life and be miserable. I could still go out, eat what I want, and never felt deprived.

I would recommend working with Kia. Kia is not just a trainer, he really is a life coach.
— Tina L.