Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets me fired up more than glute training. 

A strong set of glutes will make any pair of pants look a million times better. And since the glutes are the largest and most powerful muscle group in the body, I see the glutes as the biceps of the lower body. A sign of both strength and fitness. 


The Exercise:

The cable pull-through is very underrated and underused exercise. Blasphemy!

Want to learn how to do a proper kettlebell swing? Do pull-throughs.

Want to work your glutes, but you're not too sure about deadlift technique just yet?  Do pull-throughs. 

Want to do a deadlift or do a hinge pattern exercise to work your glutes but don't feel like using a bar? Pull-throughs.

Who cares that people who have never seen this exercise will immediately think you're a sick pervert? If you like glutes, you will like the pull-through.

The most common mistakes I see with the pull-through are:

  • Squatting. Don't squat in a pull through. Your hips should go BACK. Not down.
    Back. It. Up.
  •  Knees going forward.
  • Using the arms and shoulders to move the weight. This is great if you want to work your shoulders. But it's crappy if you want to work your bum bum.
  • Not squeezing the glutes at the top of the movement. 🤔 do you NOT like gains? 


How To Make It Great Again:

In the video below, Kaitlin shows you how to make your pull-throughs great again.

  • Brace your core and think about squeezing oranges in your armpits. This will keep your back from overarching and prevent crappy posture.
  • No squatting with a pull through. Push your butt BACK. Not down.
  • Bend your knees only SLIGHTLY as you back it up.
  • Let your glutes do all the work by keeping your arms pressed against your hips throughout the motion. 

Give it a try with great form and let me know if this helped.