Make Your Form Great Again: Cable Glute Kickback

This week I'm continuing my mission of making your form great again by going over an exercise that is a very popular exercise, especially among women. 

The Exercise

This cable glute kickback can be either a glute builder or a back destroyer, depending on how you go about performing it. 

The most common mistakes I see with the cable glute kickback are:

  • "Bad girl booty syndrome" where the low back is arched like a MF and butt sticks out. I mean, I'm not a real doctor, but that shit ain't good for your back.
  • Using momentum to drive the leg back and not controlling the negative portion.
  • Standing upright and DECREASING the range of motion. 

How To Make It Great Again: 

Stef demonstrates what NOT to do, followed by how I like to coach it. 

  • Brace your abs and maintain that tension throughout the set. This will keep your back from overarching and prevent Bad Girl Syndrome.
  • Bend your knees SLIGHTLY and bend at the hips.
  • Make your glute do all the work. Start the motion with your glute squeezing hard, instead of just kicking your leg back like you're kicking something off your leg. 

Give it a try with great form and let me know if this helped.