Do you want to look strong as f*ck in literally anything you wear? 

Let's be real, it doesn't matter how much you lift unless you actually look like you lift, too.

Because, if you're anything like me, you use your gains to hide years of low-self confidence, fueled by being picked last for every single game that was played during recess. 

According to popular culture, you need big arms, an x-small t-shirt from Baby Gap and baby oil.

In this week's edition of Make Your Form Great Again, I cover one of the most popular and basic exercises in the history of exercise - the triceps press-down. Basic doesn't necessarily mean simple or easy. A lot of people still do this with bad form.


The triceps press-down isolates the triceps muscle group. They make up two-thirds of the arm, so getting them to grow will make your arms look substantially bigger.

See below if you're having trouble finding your triceps.


The most common mistakes I see with the triceps press-down are:

  • Rounding the upper back and hunching over the weight. This mostly
    happens when you forget to check your ego at the door and go too heavy. 
  • Letting the elbows go too far out to the side or in front of the body.
  • Not pausing at the bottom of the movement.


In the video below I show you the common mistakes, followed by the correct form. I'm using a straight-bar attachment here but you can definitely swap it out for the rope or v-bar attachment to add some variety. 

  • Brace your core and maintain that tension throughout the set. This will keep your back from overarching and prevent crappy posture. 
  • Pin your elbows to your sides. 
  • Keep your wrists straight and press the bar down until your elbows are locked out.
  • Hold this position for a moment and flex your triceps.

Give it a try with great form and let me know if this helped. Or don't. But either way, enjoy the gains. 

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