Injuries can happen to all of us. Injuries suck because you might have to take time away from things you like doing, like working out.

If you want to get back to working out in a short time, you need to get proper treatment from the beginning.

When you get injured, you immediately want answers. “What did I injure?”, “How bad is it?”, “What should I do for it?”, “Can I still eat ice-cream?”

A personal trainer is not the person you should turn to for treatment when you get injured though. Even if the trainer says, they know what’s wrong. They don’t.

Every person is different, and thus every case is different. This means the tests and treatments that will be recommended will be different.

Unless you’re this guy. Then it’s obvious what’s wrong. But I still can't help you.


Your trainer is a trainer. Not a chiro, physio, osteopath, or physical therapist. 

No matter how many corrective exercises courses, fascial stretching certifications, or animal-primal-caveman-movement mechanics courses a trainer has taken, your trainer is still an exercise expert and not an injury expert.

I know this because I’ve taken all those courses.

I also took an athletic injuries course one semester five years ago at university. While I definitely know the difference between an ankle and a neck, I don’t know how to manipulate or massage any of those joints. Nor have I been trained in the series of tests that a therapist will perform to diagnose an injury. 

Go See Someone Who Knows Their Shtuff

If you don't already know a therapist, ask your trainer to hook you up with a therapist in their network. I have a chiro, physio, and massage therapist who I refer my clients out to.

By seeing a therapist, even if it's just once, you find out exactly what’s wrong and what to do to make your booboo go away. 

Most therapists will be more than happy to relay notes and recommendations to your trainer. That way your trainer, who is an exercise expert, will coach you on how to do those exercises correctly. 

A trainer won’t be able to help you like a physio, chiro, osteopath, or physical therapist can. But by working together, they'll get you back stronger than ever.