Making time for workouts and proper nutrition can be tough. Between travel, work, studies, relationships, social and family life, finding the time isn't always easy.

And there's so much fitness information available that it makes finding the right information confusing and challenging. 

I can help.


If you live in Toronto, personal training with me is the perfect way to maximize your results.

We train in a safe, uncrowded, clean, and private gym that is judgement and distraction free.

I'll help you set new goals or help achieve existing goals. Whatever your goals may be, toning, looking great naked, or getting strong, I will help you get there faster than doing it on your own.

*Gym location is just north Yonge & Lawrence in Toronto - Inspira Athletica.


  • Help you get lean, toned, and feel happy with your body.

  • Teach you how to workout effectively and efficiently so you can enjoy more of life without having to spend hours in the gym.

  • Teach you how to lose body fat and/or gain muscle in a way that doesn't require you to eliminate carbs, eliminate foods you love, or leave you feeling stressed out.

  • Teach you how to consistently stick to your plan and still enjoy life.

  • Hold you accountable to your plan and help get you past plateaus so you can see the measurements go down consistently rather than rebounding like most people do after a diet.

  • Design an individualized program to specific to your body, your lifestyle, and your needs so that you can get leaner .

Not only did Kia help me get closer to reaching my fitness goals, he also helped me overcome my aversion to training and tendency to procrastinate. Growth is just another word for change, and if you are serious about breaking through your own mediocrity, then Kia is the coach you want in your corner.
— Freddy Light - Founder and Producer of BodyRock.Tv
Kia is one of the best trainers I have ever had. He listened to what I wanted and tailored workouts to suit my needs. I recommend him with the highest praise and satisfaction.
— Sendhil Ramamurthy - Star of NBC's 'Heroes' and 'Covert Affairs'