See what my clients are saying about their fitness journeys.

Kia is one of the best trainers I have ever had. He listened to what I wanted and tailored workouts to suit my needs. I recommend him with the highest praise and satisfaction.
— Sendhil Ramamurthy - Star of NBC's Reverie, Heroes, and Covert Affairs.
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Kia is a consummate professional who brought his A-Game to every single session. Not only did he help me get closer to reaching my fitness goals, he also helped me overcome my aversion to training and the tendency to procrastinate. Growth is just another word for change, and if you are serious about breaking through your own mediocrity, then Kia is the coach you want in your corner.
— Freddy Light - Founder and Producer of BodyRock.Tv
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Before working with Kia, I was stuck and could not lose weight. I had tried every class and diet under the sun.

Working with Kia, I was able to reach my dream weight. I got into habits of working out and lifting heavy weights. I’m feeling strong, confident. and getting toned. The best thing was I didn’t have to give up on life and be miserable. I could still go out, eat what I want, and never felt deprived.

I would recommend working with Kia. His coaching tailored to you and Kia works with your lifestyle, doesn’t ask you to change your life and turn it upside down to get results. It’s realistic, and you get real change.

Kia is not just a trainer, he really is a life coach.
— Tina Lovgreen
I had the typical reservations a lot of girls have about weight-training. I didn’t want to get too “big” or muscular, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to maintain a diet and exercise regimen. Kia drilled it into my head that the most important part of being healthy is doing something that’s sustainable and suitable for my lifestyle.

No deprivation, no overexertion. I’ve gained confidence and mental clarity.

I finally feel like I have a healthy relationship with food and myself. I’ve lost several inches off my waist-line, I can deadlift my body weight, and I can do push-ups now!
— Roxanne V.
Before working with Kia, I could never truly see results. I felt myself always doing the same thing.

Kia outlined exactly what I needed to do to obtain my goals, and I felt very motivated each workout.

I was unsure if the online coaching was going to work because it literally is “online.”

Before we began, we had a consultation, which was great. It gave me a chance to learn more about him and how he helps clients. Rather than give me some cookie-cutter program, Kia asked me questions to help build an individualized program that was going to get me where I wanted to be.

Working with Kia, I lost a solid 9-10 lbs with my lifts increasing.

I get a lot of compliments about how I look now, and I see it too. It feels great to work hard and get the results you want.

I made more progress in three months than I have in years - and I owe it all to Kia’s guidance.

You need to work with Kia!

If you’ve thought about getting a coach, do it without hesitation. I promise it’ll be the best investment you make.

All of the tools you need to accomplish your goals are given to you by Kia. From learning the nutrition to the workout plans to the weekly check-ins, he keeps you on the right track. It’s great to have someone analyze your progress and make changes where necessary.

I’m so happy with the progress. I cannot wait until September 2018 when I begin my 2nd session!
— Marco D.
What’s really important is that Kia knows what he’s doing and doesn’t cut any corners. My legs and glutes are stronger, my arms are more toned, and my posture is better.
— Sadaf A
I trained with Kia for 12 weeks. In that time I lost six pounds of fat! I would highly recommend Kia to anyone.
— Vicky W.
Training with Kia I have gained confidence, strength, and awareness. He has influenced my life drastically and I would highly recommend him to anyone, especially women.
— Madison Stephens
Kia is knowledgeable, professional and most importantly - fun to train with. Through consistent training and strong accountability, I was able to lose body fat and gain lean muscle. Kia’s passion is evident through his work — he truly cares about your success and that’s what I admire most in my trainer.
— Keiko V.
Before embarking on online coaching with Kia, I was concerned about whether I would stick to a workout program. I wanted someone to hold me accountable, be there when I had questions, and take the guesswork out of designing a program.

When I communicated these to Kia, he set up weekly calls with me to check-in, which worked great for me.

I’ve significantly improved my flexibility. squat form, increase muscle mass and reduced flab.

I’ve enjoyed learning more about nutrition and gaining the ability to maintain or continue my gains without having to monitor calories strictly or dramatically change my diet.

I’ve gained a more flexible attitude towards working out, which has helped me to consistently work out and progress for over a year and counting.
— Nick K.
I had never worked with a personal trainer before. I was afraid I would fall short of my own expectations and be disappointed. Disappointed enough to quit.

After training with Kia for only a short time, I quickly learned he wanted me to achieve my goals because he genuinely cared about me and my success in this endeavor.

With Kia’s training, I have been able to maintain my weight loss. I’m leaner, measurably stronger, and have greater flexibility.
— Robert M.
Kia has a great way of getting the most out of training sessions to help improve technique and performance. But he does it in a way that helps you accomplish your goals. He helped me get focused and change habits through better diet and discipline in attending the gym. Working with Kia has been a pleasure.
— Peter C, President - Conduit Law
I was looking for a trainer who could motivate me to reach my goals and had very high expectations. I had been with eight different trainers previously and really didn’t know what to expect with a new trainer or whether it would be a good fit.

Kia explained the importance of nutrition and gave guidance every week on how and what to change in my diet. On the training front, I found his focused approach and programs that are tailored to meet my needs - especially as I progressed - to be excellent.

I am stronger, fitter and more determined than ever to continue training with Kia until I can be the best I can achieve. No other trainer has had the whole package.
— Christina L.
Before I started getting coached by Kia, I had changed jobs and hurt my shoulder. My weight was creeping up, and my strength was dwindling.

The normal behaviors (focus on staying active - a lot of walking, staying in motion, and some attention to nutrition) weren’t working.

Plus, my travel-for-work schedule made it hard to have a set pattern which I thought would complicate getting to the gym.

Kia worked with me on both fronts: providing me with nutrition guidance and work out routines for while on the road, and having flexible options for when we trained.

I lost 10 pounds of fat, lost several inches around my waist, and have much better strength!

I feel better, my clothes fit better, I eat better - and I am not suffering from any diets. I eat the things I enjoy. Even my husband is benefitting from the nutrition focus. But don’t tell him that ;)

I would recommend Kia for the following reasons:

i) He listens to your concerns and questions and works with you to address them in a way that works for you.

ii) He challenges you.

iii) He has a full-service approach that addresses nutrition and exercise as well as the weight training.
— Susan M.